I am Louis and I come from France. I am 18 years old and I'm a Britney Fan since 2007. My favorite album is Blackout. I've seen my Queen twice times : 07.04.09 and 10.05.11. (The others links are at the top left hand corner) This blog is about Britney and a little bit Mariah Carey. Have a nice day!
I ❤ godney


"I want to believe It’s just you and me"


♕The Luxury Issue♕


Rosie finally opens her mouth and it’s fucking flawless.


circus choreo slayed me so hard


Circus - Birtney Spears

The left ear plays the instrumental while the right ear plays the acapella. Headphones are recommended for full effect.

Blackout: Blocking out negativity and embracing life fully.

The Times named Blackout as the fifth best pop album of the decade. The influential magazine Stylus also named it the 54th best album of the 2000s. Rolling Stone described the album as “one of the most influential albums in modern pop” and in June 2012, Blackout was added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s musical library and archive, in recognition of the album’s musical and cultural influence.


Vegas Photoshoot Headers (New Size - 1500x500)

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